Weekly Activities


10.00am Family Service with Hutbusters children's group at Westborough Church


9.30-11.30am (except Bank Holidays) Coffee Morning at Westborough Church 

7.00pm Food and Thought (young adults) at Westborough Church

7.30pm (2nd & 4th Mondays only) House group at Broad Street (men & women)

8.00-9.30pm House group at various homes (men)


7.00-8.30pm (term time only) JAM Club at Westborough Church (10 to 14 years)

7.00-9.00pm (term time only) Lifted at Westborough Church (14+ years)


9.30-11.30am  (term time only) Kangaroo Club at Westborough Church. Parents, carers and toddlers club

2.30pm House group at Brocks Drive, Fairlands (women)

8.00-9.30pm House group at various homes (women)


10.00am-12 noon House group at Johnston Walk (women)

Please contact Westborough Church for further details of the House Groups